So, I’m feeling a bit stressed and I thought,”Hey let’s drop everything and go for a quick thrifting trip!” Great thinking, no?  Yesterday, Keely did this too. I was vacuuming, doing laundry and baking when she said, “We need to go to the park.” We dropped everything and went for almost 2 hours. Anywho, thrifting was good. We got a big bag of strung chenille pom-poms for $2. Very cool. Then, I caved and bought an old quilt. It was time.

Click it for a better view. I love all these fabrics. It is all hand sewn-each little, tiny piece. There are only a few tears and I think I can fix them. I think I can. I think I can. I can not imagine how long that took. Merry Christmas to me! I got a quilt. Yippee-skippy.
Here is a shot of our tree. I’m digging the .75 star on the top.
And speaking of trees…everytime I go to water the tree, I knock off all the ornaments that Keely has so lovingly placed in clusters on the bottom branches. Poing, boing, schwack, go all the balls and needles as they attack me! Then, when we put some gifts under it, there’s no way to get to the tree base without scooting military style on my belly, moving the gifts as I go. The hubby and I said, “Hmmmm. We should get some tube and run it along the trunk, down to the tree stand, and put a funnel at the top. Then, we could stand up and do the watering.” What would the holidays be without a great invention, huh? So, here is the proto-type.
Alright, so we didn’t have a funnel. We used a little pvc bit and some clear vinyl tubing and the ever so festive Taco Bell plastic cup. This was mostly successful, but still needs a little tweaking. We all tend to find random, unnecessary, little tasks to occupy ourselves with when there are millions of other high-priority deeds that are lined-up and waiting to be tended to. Side-tracked by stressed or just procrastinating, who can say? At least, Keely got to play at the park, I got a well-loved quilt and the tree gets water.