A Very Red Post

“Mommy will you try to use a quiet voice please? I am pe-tending to sleep here.” Absolutely my little love!

And there’s how I spent my weekend-wrapping,wrapping, & wrapping. I always have color themed wrapping. I am a dork that way. This year is obviously red & white. I ran out of good sized boxes, so I started to sew up little linen bags to put gifts in-just sew, tie and tag. They look quite nice. I think I am almost done with the wrapping. We can then move on to the best part…baking! Cookies and gingerbread are up first.
We put together this kindling gift. The idea is from Martha, but Ali made one recently and reminded me of it.

It has pine, starter sticks, twigs, fresh rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and pinecones in it. I so wish I had a fireplace.

Hope all your holiday plans are going well friends. Remember to take time to relax and snuggle some. Oh yes and solstice is this week!

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