Heidi-ho there all. Just so you know~I’ve named all of our wreaths, Aretha (Aretha Franklin if it fits). This is really funny to me. You’d expect to see a photo of a wreath here right? wrong. I’ve got no time for my beloved camera baby. sniffle. I have so much to say but no time to say it all. There are many things I’d like to blab about, journal about, whine about, take photos of, but no can do. sigh. I’ve got most of my gifts made and the rest of them ordered, or bought. Christmas cards are all stuffed, written, and mailed. Now it is time to move on to finding boxes and wrapping the goods. I can’t show all I’ve made because I don’t want any recipients to see them. I can show you this set of weirdness though. I KNOW my mom doesn’t read here.

My mother does daycare in her home for mostly toddlers. They use a hand towel that’s hanging on the stove to dry their hands. It always falls off and they can’t put it back on, so my mom wanted me to make her some with a loop & button so they would stay on. She also wanted them kiddie and/or seasonal since they like that-definately not my style, but I think she will be pleased. After I figured out how to make them and went about sewing them- they broke 4 of my machine needles from being so thick. I’m glad they are done. I made 6 of them.

Christmas plans are rolling along. Then, we have to start planning our annual Christmas Eve dinner, ya know one week before it. Gah! We also usually give out a Christmas CD. Each year it has a theme: beachy, oldies/classics, jazz etc. We’ve got nothing to do for this year though so…

Look! I took a photo today. I haven’t held my camera in almost a week! Eeeegads. So sad. I miss you FlickR.
I have much to write about Keely but I just can’t do it right now, maybe tomorrow. Too busy, too overwhelmed by her. I have no time for blogging it seems-between holiday stuff and stepping up my parenting yet another notch. The blog is going to remain a little more neglected than normal in the near future I think. Double sniffle. I do hope to catch up with all of you this weekend though. How many times did I write “no time” here? Invest in a thesaurus woman.

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