Decked and Good Things.

Twinkling lights at night are so nice. The house is cleaned up-some things are crammed back in the attic, other things were dropped off as donations. The tree is decorated (shoved in a corner, but still decorated), as is the rest of the house.

The husband and I are in a running for “weirdest person in our home.” He is leading the race.
And now for some other good things.
I am so relieved that 3 of the Kim family members have been found. I’ve been thinking of them endlessly. I cried with relief when I read that they’d been rescued. I so hope that Mr. Kim will soon be found safe too. I never watch the news, so the only way I’ve heard about them is from other concerned bloggers in their area. I’m thankful to them for keeping us non-cable having east coasters updated and to see that so many people were praying, thinking, and hoping for that family.
I am thankful for our small whacky family. No matter how kooky we are or how stressful life is at times, I know that we have it good. We are safe, warm, sheltered, fed and loved. We are together in our home.
My girl climbed up next to me yesterday and and held my face in her hands. She said, “Listen mommy.  I haven’t seen your eyes in a long, long time.” She just quietly looked at my face very closely for awhile. Then she kissed me and said, “Yeah, I pretty much love you mommy.” and walked away.
I am thankful for music. I love music, usually weird music. I always have. There is an occassional pop song that appeals to me, but usually it’s world music that gets me. When I’m losing my mind it does me wonders to listen to my favorite music or find some new stuff. The sounds seem to overtake my busy head, hush my inner-voices and calm me down. Currently, I’m really enjoying Ali Farka’s, Kaira,-so beautiful and mellow. Also, Sara+H linked to some videos by Regina Spektor and Keely and I are hooked on the song, Fidelty, and the beginning of the Us video is just awesome to watch. I don’t listen to the radio (itunes or bust) so she is new to me.  Keely made me play them on YouTube at least 20 times for her. Then, she ran into our dining room to bang on ours. Bang away. Music is good.
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