Decorating with mid century furniture: a few ideas and tips

A mid-century modern style is an excellent choice for redecoration. It offers clean, uncluttered lines, different types of patterns, and great materials you can easily play with. Other than that, a mid-century modern style will give you that impression of warmth and coziness. And this can’t be done without the furniture which will create a sense of timelessness.
mid century modern design
In case you still don’t know where to start, we’re here to share a few ideas and tips about mid-century modern style furniture and decorations.

Mid-century furniture in your living room

A living room is the centerpiece of your home, and you should treat it like that. However, if you’re decorating your living room without professional help, there are some things you need to know before you start.  Read more about these developments at

Firstly, are you going to redecorate the whole space or you just want to “spice it up” a little bit? In the case of a total redecoration, you need to layout the colors and furniture you’re going to use. Thankfully, mid-century modern style is a great choice when it comes to color combinations: go with smoky colored walls on which you can add some bold colored furniture. That way, you’ll make the colors of the furniture to stand out, but it won’t look exaggerated.

The bright and sharp colors such as mustard yellow or avocado green will give your living room the edge without making it look too aggressive. If you already have lighter walls, no need to paint them: just use that color as a basis and slowly add some pieces of furniture, carpets, or decorations to it.

Mid-century furniture in your bedroom

A bedroom is a place which is meant for your eyes only. That’s the only place in the house that belongs to you. With that being said, mid-century modern furniture can help you to create your sanctuary. You can do that by choosing retro styled carpet, with a geometric, abstract or atomic pattern. Combine the colors from the carpet with a bed, drapes, or night table, to get a cool vibe with the minimum look involved. A must-have in the bedroom decor is throw pillows – use them on your bed and seating area to add diversity and bring some twist to the ground design.
mid century modern design
Forget about heavy looking furniture: with mid-century furniture, you’ll get that natural look that will help you relax at the end of the day. A platform bed is a low-profile piece of furniture that keeps things simple but still allows for some great upgrading. Choose a walnut or chestnut finish to get that rich looks in your bedroom.

Mid-century furniture in your dining room

Mid-century modern dining room reminds us of parties that celebrate love, family, and friendship. If you want to create that impression for your guests and family member, choose some of the mid-century modern style essentials for your dining room. Slim dining table with tapered legs should be a centerpiece, especially if you combine it with some tulip or curved dining chairs. A great thing about mid-century dining room furniture is that it will open up your space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A nice chandelier will bring that counterbalance in the dining room design, being a focal point of this space.