Food craft ideas you can cook up with your kids

Kids are one of the greatest blessings of God but sometimes you become frustrated and distressed due to the unusual behavior of the child. You need to be very active and creative to keep your children busy in something that can help them learn new things. The problem is that it’s really hard to find some activities that can keep your children busy.

Most of the learning activities are so boring that the children run away from and don’t want to attempt them ever in their life. Kids are always in search of something fun and amazing that can help them build their interest. So, you need to find some interesting activities to keep them busy otherwise, they’ll get involved in some immoral activities.

Food craft ideas are the best to keep your children busy and help them learn something creative. There are several kinds of Multi Cookers available that you can use to cook different kinds of delicious and amazing food.

Let’s take a look at different kinds of food craft ideas that you can use to keep your children busy.

Baking a cake

Cakes are very usually used for Birthdays, Anniversaries or for some special events. You can bake a cake with your kids to grab their attention. You don’t have to wait for any event to bake the cake, you can just bake it whenever you want.

Baking a cake is an easier process and most of the ingredients used in this process are usually available at your home so you don’t have to spend extra money to perform this task. Kids will be very excited to know that they can make a cake according to their own specifications and they can also draw any kind of shape on it.


Kids are usually fond of cookies and they love eating different kinds of cookies. If you consider baking the cookies with different shapes, the kids will love your effort and they’ll also want to join you in creating several shapes of cookies.

Your kids will definitely be thankful to you if you could create the face of their favorite cartoon on the cookies.


Sandwiches are not only easy to make but they’re healthy as well. Children love eating something after playing for some time. When you’ll bring them the sandwiches to enlighten their mood they’ll definitely love it. If you consider making different shapes of the sandwiches, your children will definitely join you in this task and they’ll really enjoy it with you.

Ice creams

Ice creams are one the things that kids love to eat. You can make ice cream at your home with some little effort. You can watch the recipe of making an ice cream if you don’t have any idea of how to make a tasty ice cream. You can make several shapes of the ice cream to grab the attention of your kids.

These simple activities will also help you consume your time in a good way and they’ll not let you become frustrated.